Atomic TBI Injection

When you use Atomic EFI, your muscle car or hot rod should always start, idle and cruise as it were a later-model car. In terms of the installation and initial setup, the Atomic Throttle Body Injection system is the simplest method for converting your classic car into EFI. In terms of performance, the advanced self-learning technology that the Atomic features continuously monitors and analyzes the operating conditions of the engine to make sure that you get maximum drivability. Since the ECU and built-in sensors are incorporated into the throttle body, the Atomic requires fewer wiring connections than other systems, in addition to the absence of a bulky ECU to install. This design means that the conversion to EFI is much simpler for installation and programming, and it keeps things well-organized under the hood. The Atomic EFI delivers the drivability and performance you can expect from fuel injection systems: quick starts, smooth idle and great throttle response, among others. In combination with the fact that the Atomic supports ignition timing through the ECU, this is a terrific combination. Initial timing is managed with a compact, handheld monitor that you use to just answer a number of questions regarding the engine; once that’s done, you’re ready to go! The handheld monitor can be detached once the car is running, or it can be left hooked up for real-time monitoring of engine parameters. Atomic TBI systems make the car you love the car you love to drive.

MSD’s Atomic EFI systems are engineered to meet two goals: simplify installation and boost performance. The first goal is met with simplified wiring and reduced connections for a simplified installation and through being able to program the system with a compact, handheld monitor. The second goal is achieved from idle through full throttle blasts: sharp throttle response and thorough drivability boosts.

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