MSD Dynaforce Altenators

When you’re looking for a high-output alternator – for a touring machine, muscle car or street rod – MSD delivers what you need with the DynaForce Alternator. Not only are these alternators engineered for extreme output at the high RPMs, MSD also balances the current output so that the electronics are maintained fully during idle and lower RPMs. The 120- and 160-Amp Alternators both feature single-wire installation that ensures things will be easy, clean, and effective. The charge post for these alternators has been shifted to the side of the housing, creating improved clearance to the block, and a pulley baffle has been included to make sure that fan-to-belt issues never arise (as can happen at high RPMs on less advanced alternators). The housings come in two different finishes: show-quality chrome and a subtler black.
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