MSD Pro Mag

The MSD Pro Mags are known for their incredible power and superior reliability! There are no magnetos that can come close to the performance of the Pro Mag. Three series of Pro Mags are offered: the Pro Mag 12 for gas and alcohol engines, the 20 Amp for blown alcohol and the 44 Amp version for nitro gulping, ground pounding applications. The Pro Mags burn more fuel, hold the timing solid and are always consistent in their power, leaving more time to tune other aspects of the car.

  • No Points to Adjust 
  • No Batteries to Replace 
  • Magnets Never Require Recharging 

Pro Mag 44
The Pro Mag 44 is the King of all magnetos. Producing an amazing 44 amps of primary current, it’s no wonder that the Pro Mag 44 is the choice of top fuel dragster and funny car teams!
The 44 utilizes a proprietary combination of rare earth magnets and windings to produce its incredible energy.
It's design allows you to incorporate optional accessories such as a crank trigger, for the ultimate in ignition precision. Other possibilities include a Timing Retard Control or a rev limiter for improved consistency and safety.
The Pro-Mag 44 generator is available in both clockwise and counterclochwise rotation models, with band clamp houings. The MSD Pro Mag 44 is hands-down, the most powerful and accurate magneto available and its durability matches its performance. 

Pro Mag 12
The Pro Mag 12 series is designed for everything from circle track cars to alcohol dragsters. With 12 amps of primary current and powerful sparks that last for up to 26° of crankshaft rotation, the Pro Mag 12 is more than capable of lighting your race fuel completely for total combustion and the most power.
Of course, all this spark energy is useless without accurate ignition timing. To make sure the Pro Mag’s fire reaches the spark plugs at the exact moment, our engineers did away with mechanical points in favor of our race proven magnetic pickup to trigger the Pro Mag. This pickup is much more accurate than points and never requires adjustment or replacement. 

Pro Mag 12LT
Designed with Sprint cars in mind, the Pro-Mag 12LT is almost 30% lighter than the original Pro-Mag, but still produces the same incredible power. The compact housing sits an inch lower for improved clearance of the fuel injection, and it features a band clamp mount for easier timing adjustments. This unique design is available for Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler engines.

Pro Mag 20
The increased out put of the 20 Amp pro-mag was born of racers being racers; always asking for more power. This stemmed from drag racers that were using a 12 Amp system, but just didn't require a 44 Amp system. The engineers at MSD found that with a few changes to the internals of the generator it would deliver the increased current through the same electronic points box, PN 8106. The 20 Amp magneto is a favorite in alcohol slurping engines such sportsman drafters and quick-8 racers. 

  • Great for use on alcohol engines
  • Available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation
  • Band clamp housing
  • Heavy duty spark plug retainers
  • Perfect middle ground for those who need a bit more current than 12 A but less than 44 A
  • Designed to handle harsh racing conditions
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