You might have sufficient power in the spark, but if the starter can’t turn over your engine, the car isn’t moving. MSD’s DynaForce Starters will turn over your engine to get it going every time! Our Dynaforce Starters are engineered to turn over the highest-compression engines under the most demanding of circumstances (like extreme heat). Fortunately, not many of us are starting our cars in summer in Death Valley, but it’s great to be sure that your car has the power to handle it. MSD DynaForce Starters are designed to crank. A 3.4 horsepower motor turns a set of reduction gears with a 4.4:1 ratio, producing amazing torque. The armature is supported with ball bearings, and MSD plates the internal contacts and disc to cut down on arcing and to improve continuity.


Tuff Stuff starters are hand made from premium quality new components - not remanufactured - and are quality built in USA. Most Gear Reduction style starters, which are considerably smaller than the OE starters, incorporate a mounting block that can be indexed to gain additional clearance. Starters include mounting bolts and shims where applicable. Ideal for high horsepower muscle cars, hot rods, trucks and daily-drivers. Finishes include chrome plated, zinc plated and powder coated.

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